Welcome to Lynda Sue’s Kitchen. We make all-natural hand-crafted fresh salsa with simple ingredients.

Lynda Sue’s Salsa

Our flavors include:




Ghostly Hot

Roasted Pueblo Chili

Mango Tango (Mango/Pineapple)

Not Red (Tomatillo)

“All jars are $10 each”


Farmer’s Market Schedule

Where to find us:

Park Union Farmers Market

108 W Cimarron St

Colorado Springs, CO    80903


*Thursdays,  Indoor/Outdoor All Year 2023  (4pm – 8pm)

Woodland Park Farmers Market

117 Center St

Woodland Park, CO   80863


*Fridays,  June 2nd  – Sept 29th, 2023   (8am – 1pm)

Monument Hill Farmers Market

66 Jefferson St

Monument, CO   80132


*Saturdays,  May 19th – Oct 13th, 2023  (8am – 2pm)


Our Story

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I never thought I would be selling salsa for a living. Not even in my wildest of dreams. I’ve been making fresh salsa for family, friends, and special gatherings for over 20 years. In 2016, I was visiting friends in Denver, Colorado, and met a gal who tried my salsa and asked,

Why aren’t you canning and selling this salsa?

With my husband’s work schedule and busy day-to-day life, canning salsa was not in the picture. In August 2020, Covid-19 and quarantine prompted my husband to quit his job of 24 years. We then dedicated 100% of our time to developing a salsa business.

On May 22, 2021—after months of research, development, and hard work—we officially opened our doors for business. Just a few short months later, we are selling salsa in two local farmers’ markets, on social media, and often just by word of mouth. In 2022, we have also added a few small local retailers. Business is good and growing daily.

Many thanks to my friend, Dyanna, for planting the seed for this endeavor. Thanks also to the local farmers in Pueblo, CO which supply us with Pueblo Chilis and jalapeños. Fresh local ingredients that enhance our Hand-Crafted Salsa.

Thanks for visiting,

Lynda Sue


**Special thanks to our daughter-in-law, Haley, for her photography of our salsa.**